Socioeconomic Questions, Answered With Data.

We are a research and data analytics company offering media, research and data analytics service for public and private sector growth.


Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.

Edwards Deming, Statistician

Driving Africa's Development with DATA.

We are a social impact organisation providing data access, insight and hyperlocal research for businesses, governments and development organisations.

Access: repurposing public data for policy advocacy and accountability in ready-to-use formats.

Insight: producing daily articles, deep dives, and reports.

Research: real-time, localised data collection and analytics for businesses and development organisations using field agents and harmonised demographic maps.

Resourcing the ecosystem through our Academy, AI-powered News agency and GovTech

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Whether you're looking for in-depth data analysis, data visualization, or data-driven storytelling, we've got you covered. Here are some of the services we offer.

Data Journalism

Our data journalism platform will help you tell your story with data and storytelling. From the first question that you pose to the audience, we're here to guide your journey into knowledge.

Data Collection

We deploy combine human agency and technology to gather primary and secondary data needed for business, policy, and development decisions. Our thousands of field agents are on standby to conduct surveys, focus groups, and monitor projects to give you bespoke analysis and desired results.


Dataphyte Academy offers (both) physical and virtual classes in data science and data journalism, tailored to help individuals and organisations learn to use data analytics skills for insights, storytelling and smart decisions.


We help organisations present both data and reports in easy-to-digest and visually compelling ways. We use state-of-the-art design tools and location intelligence software to deliver the passion and purpose your reports deserve.

Socio-Economic Reports

Subscribe to our thoughtfully crafted insights on socio-economic trends and indicators. The reports are produced to offer policy analysis and advisory to decision makers in the Nigerian public, private and development sectors. We cover various themes such as agriculture, energy, environment, finance, fiscal policy, gender health, security, and transportation.


Check out our free and paid datasets about Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Extractive, Finance, Health, and a myraid of other categories. Our datasets are in clean, machine-readable formats useful for various needs of journalists, researchers and policy analysts. Our premium datasets are well curated and ready for insights, analysis, and location intelligence documentation you won’t find anywhere.





Election Platform



Goloka is a cost-effective and AI-powered research design and verification solution that provides real-time, highly-localised and spatially-enriched insights to organisations crowdsourcing data globally.

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